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The Ultimate Human Anatomy Resource Guide

Diagram of the human skeleton
Diagram of the human skeleton

Anatomy is defined as the part of science that looks at body parts. Human anatomy, then, is the study of parts of the human body. This can start with things like arms, legs, toes, and teeth, but there’s also a lot going on inside of all of us. The human body has 11 different systems that make it work: the circulatory, muscular, digestive, respiratory, lymphatic, skeletal, endocrine, excretory, integumentary, immune, and reproductive systems. Each of these systems is made up of different parts, but all of them have to work together to make your whole body function.

What Is Anatomy?

  • Human Anatomy: Scientists divide human anatomy into 11 systems.
  • Human Body Videos for Kids: Watching these videos that explain the different parts of human anatomy can help you learn how all of these parts work together.
  • The Human Body: Anatomy, Facts, and Functions: The human body has five main parts, including the torso, arms, legs, head, and neck, all covered by skin.
  • The Human Body: Each system of the body is also made up of a lot of different pieces. Bodies need all of these pieces to work for you to live a healthy life.
  • Human Anatomy and Body Systems: Some of the smallest parts of your body are cells, which are part of all of the tissues of your body. Cells make up things like organs and bones, which are parts of body systems.
  • Biology for Kids: Human Body: There are more than 37 trillion cells in everyone’s body!

Major Systems

  • Skeletons: The skeletal system is made of 206 different bones.
  • Understanding the 11 Body Organ Systems: The skin is one of the 11 body organ systems.
  • The Respiratory System: Why do we breathe, and what happens to the air that we breathe in?
  • Introduction to the Skeletal System: Humans need their skeletons to stand upright, but we also need bones to protect our organs.
  • All About Teeth: Watch this video to learn about the different types of teeth and what teeth do.
  • The Circulatory System: The circulatory system transports blood all through the body.
  • The Bloodmobile: This fun song can help you learn about all of the different things that our blood does as it moves around inside us.
  • Nervous System: The nervous system controls the body by sending messages back and forth between the brain and the rest of you. Some of these messages are conscious ones that you control, but others are unconscious ones that happen without having to think about it.
  • The Muscular System: Up to half of a person’s weight comes from the muscles in their body.
  • See How Your Digestive System Works: The Mayo Clinic made this slide show that shows how food is digested.
  • What Is the Endocrine System? The endocrine system is responsible for all of the hormones in your body. Hormones help bodies grow.
  • The Immune System: The immune system protects the body from germs and helps to make you better when you get sick.
  • The Integumentary System: “Integumentary” is a really big word, but it really just means “skin.” Skin is made up of three parts: the epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous layers.
  • Anatomy of the Respiratory System: The nose, mouth, lungs, throat, and diaphragm are all parts of the respiratory system.

Anatomy Worksheets

  • Human Skeletal System: Print out this diagram to learn about the bones inside your body!
  • Free Human Anatomy Printable Pack: Fill-in-the-blank worksheets and flashcards can help you learn about the human body.
  • The Anatomy Coloring Book: Learn more about all 11 systems of the body and have fun doing it with this coloring book.
  • Human Body: Color and label these worksheets and you’ll learn a lot about eyes, cells, organs, and skeletons.
  • Human Heart: Coloring all the different parts of the heart can help you learn how it works.

Anatomy Games

  • Poke-A-Muscle: Use a scanner to see the major muscles in the body, then try to remember which ones are where.
  • Organ Anatomy Game: This fun game asks you to correctly label organs.
  • The Human Skull: You might think that your skull is just one thing, but it has lots of different parts, too.
  • Learn the Skeletal System: Play this game to find out more about the bones that are inside you!

Anatomy Lesson Plans

Anatomy Activities

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