Dr. Riaz Rayek

Dr. Riaz RayekDr. Riaz Rayek’s passion as a dentist is to make patients look and feel their best. He has been practicing dentistry in Fairfax and Burke for almost ten years and earned a reputation for warmth and care that is unsurpassed. He has been an active member of the dental community and has been working diligently to expand and enhance the practice of dentistry through countless hours of continuing education and community outreach.

Dr. Rayek has been continually training and expanding his knowledge of dentistry in order to offer the best and the latest dental treatment options to his patients. He has amassed over a thousand hours of continuing education in the past ten years in the fields of restorative and implant dentistry. He has also invested countless hours training in the field of orthodontics, specifically Invisalign, earning him the prestigious Elite Premier Provider status, which places him in the top one percent of Invisalign providers in the country.

One of the earliest achievements of Dr. Rayek’s career was the creation of a Customized Oral Wellness program at his practice. This gives practitioners the ability to put together individualized treatment programs for patients that combine, monitor, and tie together their entire health history in order to achieve optimum oral health.

Early on in his career, Dr. Rayek started placing dental implants. He has countless numbers of continuing education courses that have enhanced his skills. The most significant opportunity arose when he was mentored by one of the pioneers of dental implants in the Washington-metro area for a period of three years. Since then, he has placed hundreds of dental implants and restored many more with the highest levels of patient satisfaction.

Dr. Riaz RayekDr. Rayek is an active member of the Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation (DOCS) and offers different levels of sedation to those patients with high levels of anxiety. He and his team were also among the first to start a partnership with Horizon Anesthesia Group in order to provide superior comfort for those patients who choose to be completely asleep for their dental treatment.

In his continuing effort to expand his knowledge of dentistry, Dr. Rayek has recently been studying occlusion (bite) dentistry and focusing more on treatments and correction of mal-occlusion, including Temporo-Mandibular Joint (TMJ) disease. In doing so, he has been frequenting the prestigious Spears Institute of Advanced Dentistry in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Dr. Riaz RayekDr. Rayek’s professional focus has always been in acquiring the latest technology in order to provide the best there is for the patients of his practice. In doing so, he and his team were one of the first groups to acquire the E4D milling machine (a CAD-CAM technology) design center that would turn around crowns in an hour. In addition, they recently added a hard tissue laser in their lineup of new technology, which in most cases allows for fillings without anesthesia.

In the spirit of giving back to the community, Dr. Rayek and his team have continually helped the needy. He has treated kids from Chernobyl, Russia who were exposed to radiation. These kids had inadequate dental access, and treating them has been most rewarding to him. More recently, the team treated young girls from Afghanistan. These girls were part of the first all-girls youth soccer team to travel outside the country. Dr. Rayek and his team dedicated several hours to treat these youngsters, some of whom had never even been to a dentist. In addition to taking care of their oral needs, they were sent home smiling with gifts and donations from other patients and families.

Dr. Rayek obtained his Bachelors of Science degree from George Mason University. He then went on to receive a Masters degree in Physiology and Biophysics from Georgetown University in 1997. He then entered the University of Maryland, Baltimore College of Dental Surgery and graduated in May of 2001.

Dr. Rayek has been married to his college sweetheart, Hoda, for 11 years. He and Hoda live in Chantilly with their daughter and two sons. Dr. Rayek has been a northern Virginia resident for more than 22 years.